Friday, August 18, 2006

Saturate Your Mind with Wisdom, Knowledge and Success

Most of us were trained from very early on not to expect too much from ourselves or life itself. Our personal dreams might have been too big for our audience to believe in (remember your mom, dad, teacher, friend or other acquaintance roll their eyes at you?), and we vicariously took on their limiting belief.

We may have produced what we felt was a work of art that got criticized when we showed it to others.

If you grew up in a house with a critical family member or more, you may have taken on the belief that you just can't do anything right.

Our society, our schools, our homes, propaganda, gossip, and other forms of media we pay attention to daily is chock full of "not good enough", "not possible", and "don't deserve" sorts of messages streaming at us constantly.

The good news is you CAN retrain yourself out of this nasty and debilitating groove. However, to overcome possible decades of this negative conditioning, you'll need constant reinforcement of new power thoughts on a consistent basis.

All you have to do is listen to motivational audio CDs or cassette tapes on the subject of your choice every day.

Do you commute? Stick a motivational CD about exploding your personal power in and passively listen while you drive. Do you think your job performance might improve? How about if you listen to these types of CDs every day for a year? Do you think you'll still be working at the same job? Do you think you'll be earning the same salary?

Find moments in your every day life to fill with positive and exciting reinforcement of the beliefs YOU want to acquire. Get a headset and try out some the ideas listed below.

Listen while...

Working in the kitchen; preparing, cooking, cleaning up
Jogging, walking
Lunch break
30 minute break right after work
Baths, showers, getting ready for your day
Falling asleep for the night
Grocery shopping, standing in line
Knitting, sewing, crocheting, etc.
Painting, crafts, etc.

There are moments throughout your day that can be utilized to help make you feel and perform better than you ever thought possible.

When you saturate your mind with consistent positive reinforcement, you'll find that your once unattainable dreams really ARE within your reach after all.

Take a joy ride through the links below to find just the type of motivation you're looking for. As you begin to hone in on your particular interests, don't hesitate to search your favorite engine for even more.

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