Thursday, August 31, 2006

Keep an Eye on this Wonderful New Viral Advertiser

There's an imaginative new viral advertiser in town - LuckyOpp - and I advise that you keep an eye on it and get in when it starts to get really HOT (which I'm betting it will!). You'll want to ride the wave of LuckyOpp's popularity as it rises, because not only will you be able to virally spread your advertising message all over the place, your commissions here are $47 a pop if you're a pro!

This is your Lucky Day! Visit and read the entire page to get the full scope of LuckyOpp's viral advertising potential. You'll be using the same methods as Yahoo, Hotmail, PapaJohns (and more) and advertise to people that you would otherwise never reach - ever!

As the site says, "With this viral marketing opp, you'll really reach HUGE amounts of people about your programs, with this NEW 1 of a kind advertising method that we just rolled out! This is a surprising use of the "Tell A friend" method, never seen or used before - until now."

Check it out here, then keep an eye on your junk mail and safelist subject titles - you're going to start seeing this baby everywhere, which will mean that if you're a member, YOUR ads will be being viewed by an ever-growing audience!

NOTE!! LuckyOpp members who turn PRO can head over to my new Yahoo group where we can earn LuckyOpp points to post & send even more ads!


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