Saturday, September 16, 2006

Chris LEFT Iraq!

My son Chris is OUT of Iraq and combat for good and back in the STATES!

He called last night (Friday) to let me know he was in Alaska on layover awaiting his flight to his base in Hawaii. He got back a day earlier than expected - WoooHOOOOooo! It was so nice to talk to him on HIS OWN CELL PHONE for a change, which means he'll be MUCH more accessible to us than he has been the past year.

I didn't tell him last night, but since hubby Rob and I couldn't be there to greet him in Hawaii today, I sent these 2 scarecrows to "stand in" for us earlier this week.  Army headquarters was very helpful, so I believe they'll unpack it and stand them up where Chris will be able to see them (maybe in the reception area during the welcome home ceremony on Sunday... we'll see).

I hope these alias "parents" create a lot of laughter and joy for him.

So far, it looks like he'll be able to come home for a month long visit during the first two weeks of October sometime. And... he'll be arriving back in his homeland a SARGEANT. (You don't hear any pride in my writing do you???? heeheee)

Thanks for allowing me to share myself and my family with you.

I appreciate all of you!

:-) Barbie


At Sat Sep 16, 08:01:00 PM GMT-5, Blogger Jay Slaughter said...

I hope you have taken the time to thank God for the life of your son being saved. By the looks of your picture, I am sure you are a wonderful person with alot of garditude.. Keep up the good work.


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