Wednesday, November 29, 2006

ABC News Online reported on the hit movie, The Secret

The Secret to Success?

Hit Internet Movie Claims to Reveal Centuries-Old Secret to Getting What You Want in Life

What did Galileo, Plato, Einstein and Edison have in common? The makers of the underground movie "The Secret" say they all used a simple philosophy to achieve success in life, and they claim, it can work for everyone.


Nov. 26, 2006 — At churches, schools, community centers and homes, people are gathering to see a film that promises revelations that will change their lives.

It's called "The Secret," and it can't be seen in theaters.

Thanks to an ingenious viral video marketing campaign, using grassroots, word of mouth and the Internet, its producers say that millions of people have already learned a secret that has existed, but has been suppressed, for centuries.

The 'Law of Attraction'

The secret, says author Bob Proctor in the film, "is ..."

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