Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Larry King Features Stars of "The Secret"!

Larry King's "The Power of Positive Thoughts"; Part 1 Transcript Excerpt

Air date: Thursday, November 2, 2006
(Part 2 airs November 16! Make sure to tune in!)

LARRY KING, CNN HOST: Tonight, unhappy with your love, your job, your life, not enough money? Use your head. You can think yourself into a lot better you. Positive thoughts can transform can attract the good things you know you want. Sound far-fetched? Think again. It's supported by science.

Ahead, an hour that can change the way you think about the world and alter your life forever. It's next on LARRY KING LIVE.


KING: Good evening.

A special edition of LARRY KING LIVE tonight; we're calling the program beyond the power of positive thinking, how to change your life, how to use the power of your imagination, and mine, to create what you want in your life.

Our guests can help you do that. They are Bob Proctor, who went from high school dropout to best-selling author. He spent the last 40 years coaching individuals on how to attain their life ambitions.

John Assaraf, as a teenager John risked the potentially fatal consequences of a turbulent lifestyle which could have easily landed him in jail or the morgue. But today, he's written a "New York Times" best-selling book and built four multimillion dollar companies.

Michael Beckwith, founder and spiritual director of the Agape International Spiritual Center, which celebrates its 20 anniversary this fall.

John DeMartini, the founder of the DeMartini Foundation and the Concourse of Wisdom School, one of the world's largest personal and professional development organizations.

And, JZ Knight, the (INAUDIBLE) member of our group is CEO of JZ K. Inc. and author of her autobiography "A State of Mind."

We'll start with Mr. Proctor. We're calling the show the power of positive thinking. Define that for me....

Continued on CNN's transcript here!

Watch for Part 2 on November 16, 2006, 9 p.m. EDT on CNN!

Larry King will interview:

James Arthur Ray
Jack Canfield
Joe Vitale
George Pratt PhD
Jayne Payne


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