Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Why Your Prospect Already Knows....

This post was written in a public MLM forum by Tony Rush, and I have found it to be so true in my own life (as well as others that I know), that I wanted to share it. This information may help you understand what's happening in your own life. Enjoy!

I was talking with a multi-millionaire marketer a few months ago who shared a valuable insight with me. It's really changed how I approach the conversations with my prospects.

Here's what he said: A prospect already knows if he's going to join or not before he ever goes to the presentation call.

He said this in passing, in the middle of a larger conversation. And before I could ask him to clarify what he meant, we both had to hang up. My wife and I were walking through Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta at the time and I must've had a strange look on my face because Jessica asked what I was thinking.

I said, "______ just said that the prospect already knows if they're going to join before they go to a presentation call. How could they? They don't know anything about the pay plan, the company, the startup costs, etc. I'll have to think about this...."

It was obvious that I disagreed with the statement. But, I'm as coachable and trainable as I ask others to be. So, when I hear a multi-millionaire say something like that, it's in my OWN best interest to examine his thinking and mine to find out where MINE is probably askew.

So, I thought about it. For a couple of weeks. And the next time he and I got a chance to talk, I asked him to elaborate a little more. And the concept he was explaining became crystal clear. And I agree with him 100%. A prospect DOES know if they're going to join before they ever go and look at the presentation.

The concept is based on what has been called "the most valuable drawing in the world" -- by Dr. Thurman Fleet, the founder of Concept Therapy. It's been used in thousands of workshops and seminars by Bob Proctor. The picture is that of a stick figure with tiny antennae on his head.

The concept is this: you are constantly broadcasting a non-verbal signal. It's not body-language which can only be seen. Instead, this is a form of thought-energy that is constantly broadcasting the state of your Being. Are you confident? Are you discouraged? Are you hopeful? Expectant? Certain? Angry? Frustrated? Worried?

Likewise, these antennae are also receiving information. You can prove this to yourself by thinking about the times when you have been with someone and said "I don't get a good 'vibe' around this person". Vibe is nothing but an abbreviated version of "vibration".

This signal cannot be faked. It always represents who you are really Being in that exact moment.

So, when you're prospecting, no matter what you're saying and how you're behaving, your prospect is ALWAYS getting an accurate signal of your current state of mind. And here's a key point: They have no idea that they're receiving this. Not consciously at least. But it's the reason why they agree to go to a presentation or not. In many cases, they're not even sure why they said 'yes' to you and 'no' to the last people who called. Or you'll say and do everything right and they simply will not "get a good vibe" and won't know why. They'll simply not see any point in moving forward. Or else they'll go to the presentation but you won't be able to reach them afterwards.

And here's why: we always find what we're looking for. When you're sending the right signal, people are irresistably attracted to you. They perceive you as being the person that can help them get out of what they're into. And they go to the presentation looking for reasons to join. And since we always find what we're looking for, they will see an opportunity for themselves in your company.

Conversely, if they pick up a vibe that is weak, negative or wrong in some way.....if they go to the presentation at all, they're looking for reasons why they should NOT join. And any excuse will do when someone is looking for a reason why NOT to do something.

Don't miss the simplicity of this. Who you are BEING is the core factor in being a powerful enroller. If you are wondering why people aren't joining your business....it's because you're telling them not to. And if you are enrolling people regularly, you already know why that is. Because you're in a high state of vibration and people are responding to you and what you're offering.

So, it's not your leads.
It's not the company.
It's not the pay plan.
It's not your upline.
It's not even the presenter.

It's you.

So, the question becomes: what signal are YOU broadcasting? And if it's not the right one, how quickly can you change it?


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