Thursday, September 21, 2006

Yesterday was an awesome day in Law of Attraction land!

And I wanted to post about it to encourage others to keep their vibes up, no matter what appears in their world today. Focus, energy, attention and allowing WORK (even when you have to constantly switch BACK to it when you find yourself living and feeling too much in the reality of a today that may not be aligned with your highest intentions yet).

A. I received and deposited $1010.00.

B. I got a new website with an awesome name,, up and functional. (Oh, heads up too - go there to get a free Beach Bum Genie Prosperity Magnet!)

C. I got an unexpected $15 credit on my printer ink purchase at OfficeMax.

D. Our neighbor has rented a temporary dumpster outside the front of his house because he's got some major renovating of his living room going on. Rob asked if he could put some of our own renovation refuse in his dumpster, and he said YES! More savings $$$$ !!!

The gratitude is flowing!


P.S. I love you all! :-)


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