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How to Tell if an Opportunity is Right for You

I've had the experience of trying this program and that... many failing... many thousands of dollars lost... and sometimes I just didn't feel right about one or more of them for some reason, and chose to leave even though I'd already invested in them to *test drive* them.

Regardless of the reasons, all the above experiences led to lost time, energy and money. Here's how to help prevent similar experiences in your own life.

No opportunity is for everyone. We all have different tastes, different ways of marketing or inviting others into our circle of influence that are comfortable to us, and different ideas about the ways in which websites, businesses, and newsletters should be run. We simply don't all agree.

HINT: There's a first clue in the previous sentence. What DOES agree with you? Have you actually defined it yet? Before you join another opportunity, take a few minutes to do so! I'll help you below...

1. Due Diligence

FIRST, thoroughly investigate every bit of information that is available on the opportunity you are considering. If there's a presentation call, get on it, more than once if you have to! If there's a tour of this program, take it and read every word on every page that is offered to you. Then and only then are you ready for step two.

2. HYPE (based on MONEY)

Are you listening strictly to the hype about how much money they say you can earn and in how much time? That's OK... There are MANY people who can probably prove they've lived up to the hype (testimonials), thereby validating the hype itself. But don't stop there! That's not enough to base your decision on. Move to the next step!

3. Logic versus Feeling

Your absolute most useful tools are your LOGIC working right alongside WITH your gut FEELINGS.

a. What you right now believe about YOURSELF is first and foremost and the ULTIMATE question (do you BELIEVE you are capable of following in their footsteps and achieving some measure of success?);

b. Based on your past experiences, do you believe HOW THEY say you can duplicate what they do (did they have a big list of people to market to BEFORE they even came in that they're not telling you about? Be logical as you read between the lines - I've allowed myself to be a victim of this MANY times!).

What does your logic tell you, and what does your feeling tell you? Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. Write your logical thoughts on one side, and how you FEEL about those thoughts on the other. Keep writing until your thoughts naturally stop, and you have nothing more to write.

HINT: Most times, when we look back, we realize we were given WARNING signals before joining those opportunities that didn't turn out well for us. Those warning signals may have been subtle, but they were there in some form of discomfort.

**Discomfort in itself does not negate any opportunity - it could just be your own fear talking! OR your discomfort could be an intuitive signal to stay away from the PERSON who is an affiliate or member that is inviting you, even when the opportunity itself is a fit!

Whatever it is, even if you can't define it ... at this stage, pay attention to ANY discomfort, write about it until the flow stops, and then move on to the next step.

4. Hope versus Knowing

All right, at this point, you've gotten past the hype and took a really good look at your logical thoughts as well as your feelings about a particular opportunity (or inviter!). Let's see where you have landed...

a. Do you now think maybe you can do it?
b. Do you want to give it a try?
c. There certainly is the potential to work for you...
d. It might be fun to try it out...


e. Do you absolutely know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can do this and will succeed at it because it's such a fit, and that is true no matter how much of a learning curve there is to learning how to do it in the way that suits YOU the best (even if that means you have to find a different sponsor)?

If you answered A or B or C or D ... DON'T DO IT!!! You will waste time, energy, resources and ... the all important ... MONEY. You don't really believe in the program or in your ability to duplicate other successful people. Run ... no, don't walk... RUN away from this opportunity! Although the opportunity may be working for others, it is NOT right for YOU.

If you answered E... You have found yourself the perfect opportunity for YOU. However, you may still have an inner monster to deal with who won't show his face until during or after your joining. See the next step...

5. Fear

You've found the perfect opportunity for you - congratulations! You've done your due diligence, you've found the right affiliate or sponsor for you in the opportunity you've chosen, and you're ready to take that leap of faith....


For some reason, proscrastination sets in.

"It must not be the right day - I'll do it tomorrow."

Tomorrow arrives... and you're still not ready to move! What's going on???? You review steps one through four above...

"Okay, everything is cool, everything is lined up just the way I wanted and planned."

Yet everyone you've shared this with doesn't have your belief system and are talking you out of it ... And you're still not moving.

You think to yourself, "WHAT'S UP????? I speak truthfully about what I want... I have goals that say I want what I want... I even wrote them down! Everything lines up but ME... What's the problem?!!!!"

Does this sound familiar?

The you that is currently YOU is having some doubts about your decision to become someone who does something differently.

==>> THAT's ALL.

Whenever you make a decision to achieve something greater (in the form of money, relationships, ANYTHING), you KNOW that you have to DO things differently than you ever have before in order to GET those different results.

You're looking at uncharted territory here for you... the UNKNOWN. You've already come to the point of KNOWING this opportunity and means of inviting others is right for you, and yet... you haven't experienced it yet. And part of you is looking for a way out, and finding all sorts of thoughts and people to back it up!

I can't tell you how many people I have encountered in my life who have gone ALL THIS WAY and ... STOPPED right here ... only to repeat the entire pattern with some other opportunity.


When you've come this far (all the way to step five!), the only way to defeat fear is to face it and do the thing you're afraid of. Send the money, join, begin the steps to success you already have the ability to make. That and ONLY that will calm the fear beast within.

==>> The next opportunity won't quell it.

==>> The next sponsor won't eradicate it.

ONLY YOU CAN erase that fear by your OWN actions.

Face it. Do it... and do it over and over again until it becomes second nature. At that point, guess what? Fear is no longer present! In fact, you're now teaching others how to walk through their fear because you now have the experience of doing so yourself.

Congratulations. Your bank account balance has now also changed because of YOUR actions. And the people who decide to join with you in your opportunity experience those changes in their lives too. The dominoes continue to fall as check book balances rise everywhere.

Isn't that a beautiful thing? And aren't you proud of YOU for facing and moving through the fear? And look at how the world has benefitted by you doing so!

I'm proud of you too!

Barbie Zabel

I went through all the above scenarios and came out the other side with I invite you to do the same! I'll help you every step of the way IF there's a fit for you there.

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