Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Which One are YOU?

Alot of people wish into the wind... but only a few will put the pedal to the metal and move forward.

Which one are YOU?

Pedal to the Metal People:

-Have specific goals;
-Know what they want their life to look like;
-Have ALREADY made the decision to play life BIG;
... And they're looking for a place to make it happen.

Is that you?

Then the place to make it happen is Prosperity Beach! The right prospects will then perceive YOU as someone who's on the path they want on, and who's also in forward motion, so... they simply get started. Click here to learn how to do it!

When you hear Wish into the Wind People, they sound like:

-They're just retired and just looking for something to do;
-They just want to make a couple of hundred dollars a month in their spare time;
-Say they want to make $100,000 but have never actually sat down and thought about exactly what that would mean

Is that you?

Stop wasting your time and money hopping from program to program until you transform yourself into a Pedal to the Metal Person! Then and only then will your life take the upward swing you dream of.

Here's how to do it:

-Sit down, get in touch with your heart, and dream about the life you'd rather have. What exactly does it look like?
-Set specific goals in writing pertaining to your new life;
-Make the decision you will find and do what it takes to achieve those goals.
Now you're ready for a trip to Prosperity Beach - Join me here!

You'll absolutely love the view AND the experience... I sure do. If you have any questions or just want to chat, please email, chat, call, or ask me to call you. They all work! :-)

Contact Barbie Zabel / Canton, Ohio; EST time zone

Home phone: (330) 454-9877
If not available there, try my cell: (330) 704-2735
Skype: barbie.zabel
Yahoo Messenger: barbiezhome

See you at the beach! <3


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