Friday, November 24, 2006

View "The Secret" FREE in December!

Happy Holiday weekend to those in the U.S. and GRATITUDE and THANKFULNESS to EVERYONE for being an awesome subscriber of one of EzNewYou's powerful programs!

I have a few LAW OF ATTRACTION updates for those of you who are interested in transforming old lousy belief systems (which created less than perfect results) into the subjects and attainments of your DREAMS....

"The Secret" movie is going to be the December movie of the month in the Spiritual Cinema Circle Movie Club at

The movies are very inspiring - and you can keep them or pass them along to friends and family members. When you join, you get the first month fr.e.e, so you can get "The Secret" movie fr.e.e in the month of December! Get your Fr.e.e Trial here.

You can also watch two fantastic two minute "The Secret" movie visualizations. Watch them online or download them to your computer desktop to watch EVERYDAY. Some have loaded them on to their Video Ipods too so they can watch them anywhere. Very powerful! :-)

These visualizations will shift your state of mind and allow you to be in a place of creating your day POSITIVELY and creating what you TRULY want in your life. Get them below...

"The Secret" Visualizations:
Secret to YOU

Secret to Riches

EzNewYou affirmation / visualizations:
Your Natural State of Joy

*Abundant Prosperity Now*

The Power Networker

Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend SAFELY!

:-) Barbie


At Thu Dec 14, 08:38:00 PM GMT-5, Anonymous Grover LeBlanc said...

Hello Barbie,

I just finished reviewing your blog. Very impressive.

My name is Grover LeBlanc, and you invited anyone who was interested in knowing more about making hard relationship choices to request more information & submit a comment. Well, I would appreciate anything that you are willing to share, not to be nosy, but to gain more understanding & insight, for myself.

I really am in Love with my wife, but for over 8 years that we have been married, our relationship has been and remains dysfunctional. I still keep hoping & praying that things will get better and work out, but on the other hand I am no longer willing to endure the hurt & pain that I have.

I look forward to hearing your response.

Wishing you & yours many more Blessings,


At Thu Dec 14, 09:59:00 PM GMT-5, Blogger Barbie Zabel said...

Hey Grover -- I'd love to respond to you, but this is the only forum I can since I don't have your email address. :-(

Please send me your contact details to barbiezabel (with no spaces) so that we can converse in private.

:-) Barbie


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