Friday, November 24, 2006

Free Viral Traffic and Lead Generator

A list of people you can email your offers to can grow to the thousands and traffic to your webpages can increase dramatically in the next few weeks if you...

Simply copy and paste the "email ready" system below, edit the links to yours, and pass it around to everyone you can!

Here are a few ideas of how to get it circulated...

-Discussion Groups (where advertising is allowed)
-Send it back to all spam messages you receive
-Existing Downlines
-Your own lists
-Instant responses to your FFA pages (if you own any)

Welcome to your Viral T.raffic Generator!

Follow the simple steps below, and the t.raffic to your
site will absolutely EXPLODE, guaranteed!

Your first step is to SAVE this message to a file
on your computer! As each step is completed,
replace my links with yours, and REsave.

That way, when you've completed all steps, your
own duplicatable viral t.raffic generator is
ready to give away to others. (As you follow
each step, you'll begin to understand how easy
it will be to get this report out to the masses,
th.ereby earning YOUR sites major c|ick throughs!)

Start building your own email list in the most
ingenious way I've seen yet... Giving away this viral t.raffic generator, it will grow into the
THOUSANDS quickly!

Get website views on autopilot while you sleep. It's
best to use a quick lead capture page on this one -
you'll get subscribers! And, by giving away
this fr.e.e viral t.raffic generator, you'll earn even
MORE t.raffic from those you sign up!

Can your website handle a MILLION visitors? Giving
away this fr.e.e viral t.raffic generator and the member
link below, you may have to add more bandwidth to
your account! (Ignore the upgrade - it's not worth
it and you don't need it using this report!).

It only takes 30 seconds to put your ad on this
site, and it gets indexed by Google! (Ignore the
upgrade - you'll EARN the Diamond level just by
giving away this fr.e.e viral t.raffic generator!).

Get c|icks to your site for by posting your
ad on this ad board (leave this link the
same unless you purchase your own ad board).

Recommended for exploding hits:

Purchase your own fr.e.e ad board. Not only will
your links be prominently displayed by banner,
columnar ad, and text ads on your and other pro
member pages, but you can set up your ad board to
AUTOMATICALLY send out this fr.e.e viral t.raffic
generator to EVERYone who posts on your board!

How to get board posters? Advertise your board
extremely cheaply (as little as $5!) in "Get Paid To
Read Email" programs. They are an advertising

H.ere's a master list of them:

If that link is no longer live, do a search on any of
these terms for tons of companies to choose from:
get paid to read email
get paid to c|ick
get paid to read directory
get paid to c|ick directory

Giving your Viral T.raffic Generator Away

Get your own fr.e.e autoresponder (if you don't
already have one) h.ere:

Load your new report into it, using the subject
title, "H.ere's Your Viral T.raffic Generator".

Use this neat little "Reverse Classified Ad Trick" to
give your fr.e.e viral t.raffic generator away!

First of all, h.ere are more than 75 classified ads sites:

Go to a few of them everyday as the ads and ad posters
change daily (and hourly!). Using an email account set
up specifically for this purpose, respond to those who
place ads with an email expressing interest in what they're
selling. You might put "send more info" or something
similar in the subject title.

Jot a generic short little note expressing interest, and
below your signature, place an ad to your viral
t.raffic generator, complete with your autoresponder
email address wh.ere they get it absolutely fr.e.e.

Time saver: Make this note with signature file up
once, save it, and you'll have it to copy and paste into
these emails |ickety split.

Believe it or not, the response rate for this technique
has been as high as 70%!!

Get your fre.e viral t.raffic generator up into an auto-
responder and start this process today! You'll be amazed
at how many hundreds of c|icks you'll get to your sites in
the next few days (not to mention a growing list of

Get'r done!

:-) Barbie Zabel

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Not M* L* M* - No Cold Calling - NO Talking to Family and
Friends! NO Selling - NO Answering Q.uestions - NO
Speaking To Prospects - NO P.hone Calls At All!
==>> See how:


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