Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Anniversary & Server Move Glitches

Today marks the one year anniversary of what started out as my "hobby site", EzNewYou.com. Looking at where it and I have gone together in the past year is rather amazing! Thinking, seeing, feeling, speaking and acting positively with repitition sure works! So it's natural that I continue to pass on what has worked for me, and now, a year later, learning and teaching others how to market in the same manner is also "where it's at". What a year! :-)

During this past year, I had some website and email problems that I'd rather not carry on into the new year. Now that the lease is up, so to speak, I have moved the domain and the site itself.

Please be aware that although the site is moved, not all is working properly yet (including email).

Sometimes when accessing a webpage, I (and you) are seeing the "old" home, and then the next time the same page is viewed, the new one. It's impossible to test and fix scripting problems with the two sites bouncing back and forth between each other.

The same goes for email. Depending on what part of the world you're in, my email address (barbie or support @ eznewyou.com) may work just fine. But others of you may be sending email that bounces back to you. That will all go away in the next 12-36 hours. In the meantime, if you need to reach me, please email barbiezabel @ sbcglobal.net, as it is not effected by the EzNewYou.com changes. My home phone is 330-454-9877, and my cell is 330-704-2735.

Tomorrow I'll begin testing member sites, forms, etc. in more earnest, fixing any mistakes I find. And then... onto the completion our new marketing site, which will help solve a lot of problems many of you are experiencing. I hope to have it completed by week's end.

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Have a wonderful week!



At Wed Dec 06, 08:14:00 AM GMT-5, Anonymous R Jamyta Reed said...

Barbie, I'm interested in your story. I have a few similarities and would like to hear your story.

At Thu Dec 14, 10:24:00 PM GMT-5, Blogger Barbie Zabel said...

Hello Jamyta,

Please email me at barbiezabel @sbcblobal.net (without spaces) so that we can discuss. I can't reach you personally from here.

:-) Barbie

At Thu Dec 14, 10:26:00 PM GMT-5, Blogger Barbie Zabel said...

OOPS, change to sbcglobal.net LOL !


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