Monday, December 18, 2006

Building Your Mailing List - What's the latest buzz?

One of the most common topics among internet marketers seems to be building a huge and responsive mailing list. Marketers' innovations never seem to be in short supply when it comes to building mailing lists:

* Autoresponders
* Squeeze pages
* Safelists
* Pop-ups
* Subscribe forms...

The list is endless.

But one key feature that seems to elude most marketers is how can you build your mailing list using other peoples' efforts? One such tool, the Promotion Bar, has just been released.

You can get an actual view of it here.

The cool thing about this little tool is that once installed on a web site, it can spread like wildfire potentially to hundreds, maybe thousands of web pages with no further input from you. Visitors to your web site get the Promotion Bar by pasting a single line of code on their web sites to add functionality to their web sites:

* Their visitors can bookmark their web sites
* Their visitors can make it their web page their home page
* Their visitors can recommend their web page to their friends

Each of these web pages then start sending you subscribers as they use the "Share it With a Friend" feature

The result is that you end up with hundreds, maybe thousands of web sites that just keep sending you subscribers with no further input from you.

Again, here is where you can get more information about this unique and wonderful tool.

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