Friday, March 09, 2007

Success Marketing Center Has Been Updated

Especially to my team members, if you haven't been in the Success Marketing Center for awhile, now is the time to revisit. It's been updated with some pretty incredible resources.

Here are some highlights:

-You won't only get where to place ads but you'll get them word for word including the headline. All you'll need to do is put your website and your contact info in.

-Since there's so much competition on the internet, you'll learn how to advertise OFFLINE to networks of newspapers instead of your locals for a fraction of a penny per reader exposing your offer to millions and saving OODLES at the same time.

-You'll learn what service gets your prospects to call YOU at the times during the day you specify for only 30 cents each!

-You'll learn where to find those who already have an established history of buying into business opportunities, and that means they're MUCH more likely to shake rattle and roll with your opportunity!

-Even if you have no website of your own, you'll learn where to get in the top three sponsored links under several keyword phrases on Google, MSN, Yahoo and several more search engines by simply paying a flat rate monthly fee.

-You'll learn what services are ORDER, SET, FORGET, and PERFORM.
-And more!

Take a leisurely browse through the Success Marketing Center while you're enjoying your morning cup of coffee or afternoon lull of activity this weekend. You'll come away with a lot of new ideas of your own!

Click Here to Visit!

*Team members have access to non-public areas. Join one of my teams here!


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