Friday, January 12, 2007

The Pay Per Click Company You Should Be Using

I am sure you have heard of Google Adwords & Overture by now. Also MSN has there own pay per click service called Adcenter.

Here’s my recommendation to you - DO NOT use any of these PPC engines yet. If you are just starting out, they require a lot of keyword knowledge and a lot of testing.

If you have not bought a good book on Adwords yet, its just not worth it - you could loose your shirt!

Here’s what I recommend to you - a company called Adbrite!! Click the link below check em out.

Click here for Adbrite

Adbrite has a great system in place that makes it very easy to target the right people for the products you are promoting for just a few cents a click. Of course, always remember to track your advertising - otherwise you may be spending money on something that’s not working.

Adbrite is extremely simple to use compared to the other PPC systems and is a great way to get started using pay-per-click. Adbrite also sell links on other people's websites so you might get lucky and find a site perfectly targeted to yours. Adbrite will let you know how much a link put there will cost & an estimated amount of the clicks you will receive even before you spend a penny!

So with adbrite you have 2 options:
- Use there pay per CLICK system
- Use there pay per LINK system

Both are extremely effective - just be sure to track your results!

By Mark Flavin of Unorthodox Traffic

Note: As of September 2006, AdBrite is proud to work with over 20,000 sites, and now serves ads on more than 650,000,000 page views a day.


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