Friday, December 22, 2006

Free Gifts and My Wishes for Your Joyous Holiday

To all my valued friends, members, and subscribers...

I wanted to do something a little bit different in 2006, to share myself and my family this time in my holiday greetings, even though some of us don't know each other.

A lot of you know how I LOVE slideshows (or if you don't, you soon will!)... so I got busy and started collecting some of my favorite family pictures from the recent past. I put them all in a Holiday Season montage with the specific purpose in mind -- to let you know how special you are to me (whether we have communicated personally or not - there's plenty of time for that!).

Just the fact that you're reading this message right now is important and is of value. Thanks for sharing your time with me! Now, I'd like to share my time and my family with YOU... I hope you enjoy our time together.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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I received this from one of my subscribers, and I so enjoyed it that I want to pass it along to you - I hope it makes you smile too. Turn your speakers up!

A Happy Christmas Sight and Sound Pass-along!

There's sure to be something in this free collection that you've been wanting lately, so your wish is my command -- here's yet another link that was shared with me, and I thought valuable enough to share!

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Now, as is the case with many of you who are celebrating Christmas this coming Monday, I'm off to bake pies, do some last minute wrapping, and generally prepare for sharing with all of those family members you saw on my Zabel Online Christmas Card.

My sincerest wishes for you include a JOYOUS and SAFE Holiday Weekend, as well as a HEALTHY and PROSPEROUS New Year!

See you next week!

Warm smiles and hugs,



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