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The Scoop on Income Claims & Advertising

The income claims in testimonials you read on my sites are absolutely true. As you read them, please keep in mind these unknown criteria:
1) what level the person making the claim started with (applies
if the particular program has more than one level),
2) how much time and / or money they spent for their marketing
3) where they advertised,
4) and how much of their profits they reinvested back into more

All are critical factors that will determine YOUR success or failure, so think long and hard about them.

How much advertising is needed to be successful?

You obviously need people to see or hear about your offer in order to make sales, so you must use some form of advertising to reach as many eyeballs or ears as you can consistently.

How much you spend on advertising is up to you, as there are plenty of free sources to use. But, those do take TIME even though they're free. So you'll have to either spend time or money or a combination of both.

Any marketing budget is workable, but the more you spend (in time or money) the faster your results. $150-$250 would provide the best possible start, but again, depending on your time, may not be necessary at first.

When you start pulling in some cash, you can then increase your marketing budget to reach a wider audience every month.

Make Your Advertising Count!

When you use proven successful ads and headlines and place them in sources that have already been proven to generate leads successfully, your advertising budget goes a lot farther and you receive profits much more quickly.
NOTE: I give my upgraded members access to the team-member-only portions of my Success Marketing Center just for that reason!

WHAT product, program, or service you advertise is just as important to your bottom line. Are you paid instantly, every two weeks, once per month, or do you have to sponsor dozens and dozens of downline members and need them to do the same to reap any kind of substantial reward (as in many MLM programs)?
NOTE: Because instant (or at least fast) gratification is important to helping all of us stay motivated to continue building our cash profits and / or businesses, I wanted my team and myself to have the ability to receive instant and big chunks of cash extremely quickly (right to our own accounts or home) PLUS I wanted EVERY sale to have the potential to turn into PASSIVE and LONG TERM residual income, so I only chose programs that fit those criteria. See them all here!

Having said all that... if YOU would now like to generate some extra cash for your monthly car payment, house payment, fun money, vacations and more ... or want to create a new career in internet marketing to replace your job, I'll be glad to help you personally as long as you're willing to learn, work and advertise consistently.

See the featured program below or become a member of one of my other teams here. I look forward to working with you!

See the featured program below or become a member of one of my other teams here to generate even bigger chunks of cash (after all, it takes just as much time and money to sponsor someone into a $100 program as it does to sponsor someone into a $1000 program - but the rewards are MUCH higher!). Whatever you decide, I look forward to working with you!

Featured Program

The Secret PAYS

Fast easy money maker that brings in $100 bills directly to your account or door over and over again. Each sale turns into PASSIVE and LONG TERM RESIDUAL INCOME of even MORE $100 bills! The more sales you make, the more PASSIVE MONEY LINES you create!
Comes with:

*Complete Marketing System
Already set up; Includes lead capture webpage, instant email message series to your prospects who fill out the form, tour, flash movie presentation, and back office management

*2nd Choice Complete Marketing System
Requires edit and set up; Includes lead capture webpage, confirmation webpage, thought-belief-action changing Power Networker software to use and give away, and autoresponder messages

*Access to team-member-only portions of the Success Marketing Center

*$5000 worth of profit making software

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