Tuesday, June 12, 2007

EDC Gold Scams, Lies, Vicious Rumors, Truths?

When you do a search on EDC Gold, you'll find on the first few pages that many marketers are using EDC Gold's success and popularity to cash in with THEIR own opportunity. Can you say *RED FLAG*?

BEWARE: The truth is relative to the integrity of those touting it.

How many jealous opportunity-hopping marketers out there are luring unsuspecting victims in with their untruthful statements about EDC Gold?
  • Did you know that this badmouthing practice IS their MAIN marketing strategy?

  • Did you know that they will TEACH YOU how to BADMOUTH the most popular program on the internet in order for YOU to succeed with their program?

    (Next month, they'll be doing it all over again in another opportunity! Watch, you'll see the SAME names saying the SAME things but offering a DIFFERENT program!)

  • And that raises another important question: Can residual income be created and sustained by this practice?
Understand and realize that it's EDC Gold's success and popularity that they're using in the search engines to gain attention to their own program!
You mean to tell me their programs aren't good enough on their own terms to succeed? How sad!
What happened to ethics and integrity?  Is that the kind of person YOU want to be? Is that the kind of business YOU want to run? Can you stand behind a program that feeds off of unsuspecting victims this way?
Or do you want an HONEST program with INTEGRITY to FINALLY SUCCEED with that will be here tomorrow, next week, next month, and in the next several years? EDC Gold stands on its own solid foundation and history.
EDC Gold has no need for mud slinging. What does THAT tell you?

And what about those shouting *Don't Pass Up Your Sales - Make Money on Every Sale with Our Program!*
  • Do they know WHY we use the business model we use (the Australian 2-Up Compensation Plan)? Do YOU?

  • Do you understand what kind of PASSIVE and RESIDUAL income that plan actually creates?

  • Do you know what kind of INCOME you'll GIVE UP by choosing programs that don't offer it?
Holy cow! Do the math!
Here's a SCENARIO: This example assumes you've purchased your own EDC Gold business and have made and *passed up* your first two sales in order to qualify. You've now earned the right to make INSTANT CASH direct to your account with every sale you make. Watch....
You make a sale to Scott. You earn an instant $997. Scott now owes you his first 2 sales.

Scott makes and *passes* up his first two sales (to Joe and Kathy) to you. Scott has now earned the right to make INSTANT CASH direct to his account with sales he makes thereafter.

*From your ONE SALE to SCOTT, you have received THREE payments of $997 each.

BUT.... Even though Scott has earned the right to break away from you, Joe and Kathy are now YOUR members, and they BOTH owe you their THEIR FIRST TWO SALES (a total of FOUR!) in order to qualify themselves.

When Joe and Kathy make their first two sales, you get FOUR MORE instant PAYMENTS of $997 each, and those 4 new members are YOURS. You guessed it, THEY OWE YOU THEIR FIRST TWO SALES (8 more INSTANT PAYMENTS) even though Joe and Kathy have broken away from you and are creating their own income lines.

EVERYONE starts on the same level, the same playing field, and EVERYONE WINS EQUALLY with PASSIVE and RESIDUAL PAYMENTS!
That's how powerful the 2-Up compensation plan is and why we use it! Don't be fooled by others' dishonesty.
Do your own math, your own due diligence, and when you're ready to join EDC Gold, I'm ready to help you succeed.

~Barbie Zabel


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