Saturday, May 19, 2007


The internet has opened up a world of possibility for anyone with a dream of starting their own affordable business, be it an 80-year-old monk in Tibet to a stay-at-home mom in Kansas. Once their website is out, the key is finding inexpensive advertising. Until now, most search engines feature "pay-per-click advertising." Though certainly an effective marketing tool for any web business, it can also stir up fierce competition for bids on certain keywords. As for small business owners, they are often left in the dust of larger ventures with better strategies and more money. They are unable to make a return on investment and eventually dissolve.

We here at Jigadig were troubled by this: why should smaller businesses lose the opportunity to take advantage of sponsored search advertising, called by many the most effective method of online marketing? So, we built a search engine that will appeal to 120 plus million auction search engine shoppers online, with the revolutionary feature of "the Friend Network," which enables users to shop with friends.

We've developed an innovative keyword-sponsored search advertising system that is absolutely free, with affordable options to upgrade. Other innovative sites like Google, YouTube and Yahoo rely on word of mouth, users like you, to attract traffic. You've helped them achieve their success, yet they take all the profit from the advertising. With Jigadig, you earn your share of advertising by telling others about it, and the resulting domino effect from user to user builds an ever-expanding network and adds to your share of targeted traffic.

It's true, we could have gotten investors and spent millions to attract shoppers, then opened up a full pay-per-click system like every other search engine. Why didn't we? Because it's important to us to give small businesses a shot, and help keep the internet a place where everyone and anyone can profit with their own online business.

Let's fight back and take our share of targeted search traffic!


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