Monday, May 07, 2007

How to Get 1st Page Ranking on 50 Search Pages!

Picture a rocket getting ready to take off into space.

Did you know that a whopping 85% of a space shuttle's TOTAL fuel is expended within only 7 to 10 minutes of launching?

It's true!

The remaining 15% is expended in the 7 to 10 days of flight AND the return home.


If it takes 85% of the rocket's fuel to get into space, you can imagine how much effort and energy are required to launch your business.

A large part of that "fuel" is something that has been driving marketers crazy for the past few years. It is:

>>> TRAFFIC! <<<

Here's an automated system that SOLVES the problem for you ONCE and FOR ALL, allowing your business to BLAST OFF within its first 6 months without so much effort. Please follow along...

"As many as 90% of all purchases take place on page ONE of the search engines" - Crain's Chicago Business

Go to this keyword search tool.

You'll see a field to type in a phrase to see how often it was searched for the previous month.

Type in this sample keyword phrase: home based business ... and click the submit button.

See how many times that ONE phrase has been searched for the previous month? How would you like to have YOUR webpage come up on the FIRST page of those 140+ thousand searches?

What would happen to your business if you got 50 FIRST PAGE rankings with search results up to 25,000,000???

Here's how you CAN!

Get FIRST PAGE ranking on very popular searches on 15 keyword phrases. The keyword phrases chosen are POPULAR terms already being searched for thousands and thousands of times. Here's the deal...

A. Get FIRST PAGE ranking on 10 popular keyword phrases for an entire 6 months for $1595.00. That's only $266.00 per month when broken down. (10 Keywords = 50 first page rankings over 6 months.)
IMPORTANT: The price for this Bronze package is normally $1995.00 - but mention that you were referred by Barbie Zabel and you get it for $1595!

The key word phrases chosen (specific to your opportunity) are POPULAR terms already being searched for thousands and thousands of times.

B. And if you write a check rather than use a credit card, you'll get 5 EXTRA popular keyword phrases to rank on the FIRST PAGE with - a total of 15.

This search engine optimization service has a 97% customer retention rate. If you have $1595 or more in your checking account or credit card to utilize this fantastic opportunity, email me and I'll send you the website location and the project manager you need to speak with (along with phone number) for more information.

Email me, Barbie Zabel here:

barbiezabel @
Subject title: 1st Page Ranking Details

Happy FIRST PAGE Rankings!


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